Your website is the world's window into your organization; give them a clear view of who you are!

We can put together as small or as large of a website as you need to let the world know who you are. Our sites range from a single page to over 2000 separate pages.

JimBits Solutions utilizes Linux-based webservers to provide high-quality website hosting. We can offer you as much or as little space and bandwidth as you need to meet your needs now and in the future.

Whether your website is a basic information site, a site with extensive multimedia, an online catalog requiring secure financial transactions, or something else completely, JimBits is able to provide the type of service you need.

At JimBits Solutions, we are able to provide all the services needed to get your website up and running.  

Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch, we can help you understand what is needed and can provide as much as you need for an effective website.